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Ultrasonic Systems, quality ultrasonic baths
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Cleaning an element means removing all contaminants from its surface. This operation is usually obtained by using a combination of a chemical action, with detergents, and a mechanical action (such as rubbing).


Adding high intensity acoustical waves to a liquid medium will increase the mechanical action in the medium. An acoustoelectronic transducer, similar to a loudspeaker, is capable of transforming electrical energy into sound energy in elastic mediums such as air. Similar acoustoelectronic (ultrasonic) transducers are used to generate high energy sounds in liquids with frequencies above the upper range of human hearing.


In order to understand how an acoustical ultrasonic wave can create a cleaning action in a tank, we can use the example of the drawing below that shows a container with metallic walls, containing liquid, and an electro-mechanical transducer in the bottom that is capable of emitting a specific acoustical frequency.


Ultrasonic Systems have been manufacturing Ultrasonic Cleaners since 1981 and has extensive experience in the engineering, manufacturing and mining industries.

All products have unique design, fine shape, good packaging, exquisite materials, excellent performance and complete authentication, and are sold all over the world.

Our products are widely used to clean: Metal Parts, computer mainboards and accessories, printer heads, glassware, circuit boards (PCB), electroplated products, car parts, hardware parts and accessories, medical instruments, dental instruments, watches, jewellery, glasses, shaver heads, tableware, coins, badges, etc.

They are widely used in aerospace manufacturing, factories, hospitals, dental clinics, mobile and computer repair shops, stores, households, schools, labs, etc.

Ultrasonic Systems has evolved from the merge in 1999 of Integral Systems (established in 1981) and Ultrasonic Manufacturing (established in 1980), as a company specialising in ultrasonic cleaning solutions.



US Final Agreed Logo 09Oct17.png
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